Antoine BERNIER Fullstack JS webdev / teacher

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My two watchwords: keep it simple and progressive enhancement.

My main references: L'Oréal, Rolex, E.Leclerc, Milka, Quick, BPI, LVMH, Ariane Espace, Cartier, Société Générale, Chanel, Puiforcat (Hermès) — cf. portfolio.

wwweb development

My stack is based on JavaScript eco-system, with which I do React/Next.js isomorphic SPAs, HTTP servers, CLI apps, DOM, Canvas, SVG animation.

I do cross-browser, multi-devices CSS integration, with progressive-enhancement strategy. I write simple and semantic markup.

I'm aware about performance issues, like taking advantage of HTTP caching mechanism or doing code benchmarks.

I work in *nix/Docker environnement.


I design simple, user-centric, responsive and mobile-first UX interfaces.

I deliver mockups/wireframes to quicky and concretely start a conversation about the product.


See more details on my LinkedIn profile.

  1. : Teacher

    Teaching web development, in different schools: Ironhack, IFOCOP

  2. : Freelance

    Webdev fullstack JS / UX


  1. DEUG MIAS (niveau) — Paris 8
  2. Maths SUP — Lycée Alain Fournier